7 Awesome React UI Component Libraries

7 Awesome React UI Component Libraries

React is a widely used javascript open-source library which is helpful in building the user interfaces(UI) of web applications. It allows you to create an application's UI into standalone parts called components and then reuse these components within other parts of your application.

Rather than creating these components from scratch yourself as a developer, this is where UI component libraries come in handy. Many of these libraries consist of pre-built custom React components which in turn ease application development and also save tonnes of hours during development.

In this article, we'll learn about some of the best React UI component libraries you can use for your next project. Here is a list of the libraries we'll cover in this post;

  • Material UI
  • Elastic UI
  • Ant Design
  • Semantic UI React
  • Chakra UI
  • React Bootstrap
  • Reactstrap

  • Material-UI


With over 73, 000 plus stars on GitHub, Material UI is one of the most popular UI component libraries which is based on the Google Material's Design. It comes with accessible and easily customizable components that can be used in your React projects. In addition, this open-source library has very detailed documentation to help navigate through the implementation of its features.


Elastic UI is another awesome component library that provides a collection of customizable and reusable UI components which is also well documented to ease usage. It also maximizes accessibility with proper aria labels included in each component. It has a wide range of utilities and features to help you build out your application's UI quickly.


Ant Design has over 76, 000 stars on GitHub, it is the second most popular react UI library. It is also a design system for enterprise-level users(that is for business use). It comes with a huge collection of high-quality components to help you build rich and interactive user interfaces quickly. It is also quite compatible with numerous React third-party libraries making it cover more use cases.


The Semantic UI React is a frontend component library that is the official React integration for Semantic UI. With over 12000 stars on GitHub, this UI library has lots of prebuilt components that can be used to create aesthetically pleasing user interfaces for your next projects.


Chakra UI is a very simple and straightforward UI component library. It is packed with easily customizable components to match your design specifications. It also adheres to the WAI-ARIA which is a w3C technical standard for accessibility. With a very active community, you can also ask questions when stuck.

bootstrap.PNG React Bootstrap is a UI kit that is quite similar to the Bootstrap core but rebuilt in React. It is one of the oldest React UI component libraries with 20,000 plus stars on GitHub. It consists of highly customizable and accessible components with the Bootstrap theme. It is well documented making it quite easy for beginners to get started with.


Reactstrap is a UI component library that provides prebuilt Bootstrap 4 components. It is quite easy to use and understand. In addition, it contains responsive UI elements that can be applied quickly in your projects.


There are quite a lot more React UI component libraries available but the lists covered in this article are amongst the most widely adopted libraries by developers. The choice depends on the features you will love to implement and also the size of your project be it simple or complex.

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