5 Websites To Learn Web Development For Free

5 Websites To Learn Web Development For Free

So you have decided to learn to code specifically to learn about web development but you really have no idea on how to get started or probably you've searched through the internet and found tonnes of resources on it, as a result, felt overwhelmed or a bit confused on which of these resources to kickstart with or maybe you've heard about bootcamps and practically could not afford it. In this article, you will find 5 websites to help you learn web development for free.

  • FreeCodeCamp

    FreeCodeCamp is one of the best resources to learn web development for free having a well-structured curriculum. With its interactive coding exercises and projects, you get to learn about responsive web design, Javascript algorithms and data structures, frontend libraries, and many other aspects of web development. In addition, you get to earn certifications from each section of the curriculum completed.


  • W3Schools

    W3Schools is a web development portal where you'll have access to free courses as well as references relating to web development. Its wide range of courses include; HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, XML, SQL etc. It also has a "Try it Yourself" feature where you practice topics learned.


  • Odin Project

    The Odin Project is an awesome place to kickstart your web development journey. It has a full stack development curriculum and you get to build portfolio-worthy projects alongside a community of developers.


  • HTMLDog

    HTMLDog is a great website where you can read and understand the three core languages used in web development i.e HTML, CSS, Javascript.


  • MDN Docs

    MDN Docs is a free online resource consisting of varying articles on web development topics. It is created by a community of developers and regularly updated by Mozilla, Google & Microsoft employees.


Picking two or three of these resources, following the curriculums consistently, practicing the exercises, and building projects on what you've learned would definitely help you understand the basic concepts of web development.

If you have other additional resources to help beginners learn web development kindly leave them in the comment section below.

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