7 Awesome Online Web Design Tools

7 Awesome Online Web Design Tools

In the world of web development today, numerous tools are developed and released online by companies, community members, in a nutshell by generous people simply to make life easier for web developers. These tools have proven to be very helpful by saving developers tons of hours while coding or working on varying aspects of their web design projects. In this blog post, I will be listing a few awesome online web design tools useful for every web developer.

  • Neumorphism

    Neumorphism also known as Soft UI is a very popular trend when it comes to user interface design. The website above provides you with features that can be tweaked to your preferred neumorphic style and adding them to your CSS code.


  • Soft UI

    This is very similar to the neumorphism tool mentioned above leaving you with neumorphic generator choices to pick from when working on your web project.


  • Blob Maker

    The blob maker tool was built to make it easier for developers to quickly create random, unique looking SVG shapes. With this tool, you can choose any color that suits your project, tweak the shape to what you want, copy the generated SVG code and attach it to your HTML file or simply download it as an image.


  • Get waves

    This is a free SVG wave generator to make unique SVG waves that can be added to your web design project. Just like the blob maker you can either copy the code or download as an image.


  • Call-To-Action Button Maker

    A very powerful button design tool that helps you create high-converting call-to-action(CTA) buttons for your web projects. It has numerous features such as size, horizontal & vertical padding, color, border, shadow, etc. that you can set to your desired button design. The code can be copied, link can be embed or the button can be downloaded as an image.


  • Glassmorphism Generator

    Glassmorphism is a recent UI trend in the web development industry. With the tool mentioned above, you can generate glassmorphism CSS codes by setting the color, its blur value, transparency, etc. and then adding the codes to your CSS files.


  • Octopus

    With the Octopus tool, you can start your website planning in minutes, create colorful visual sitemaps that are pleasant and can be shared with your team or clients. This tool comes with a free and paid version.